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Unified login? If only

Since we're officially a Windows shop at work (despite having several thousand clients who are using our linux distribution to run big multiuser machines), we, allegedly, get the benefits of having Microsoft-style unified logins everywhere.

In reality, it doesn't quite work that way. We have

Half of these logins run on timers, so we need to change passwords for them every now and then. And none of the timers are the same, and some of the login timers don't warn you, but just pop up a your password has expired. Change it now message form.

And all of the timered password have some version of password security on them, so you can't pick good to remember passwords, but have to pick ones with letters, LETTERS, numbers, and punctuation (which end up being written on a card so you'll remember them, because if you don't the your password has expired. Change it now message will leave you with a system you can't get into because you're using a Mac-style keychain and don't remember the stupid meaningless password of the week.)