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Peace Train considered harmful

Today, an airplane going from London to Washington, DC was forced to land in Bangor, Maine; the flying monkeys from Homeland Security had detected a horrible security risk on the airplane that needed to be kept out of the United States.

The security risk? Cat Stevens.

As I've said before, they're not just fascists, they're stupid fascists.

(link via Talking Points Memo)


Deporting the guy may be a little silly, but he's a radical Muslim now. He publicly supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie and, as far as I can tell, he's never renounced his own call to violence.

If he heard you call him "Cat Stevens," he'd probably spit on you. His music from 30 years ago is wonderful, but he's not a guy I'd lift a finger to protect.

jack bog Wed Sep 22 00:12:51 2004

Thank God someone did something. Who knows-he might have recorded an entire album of easy listening hits before leaving the country!

If I recall correctly, he also endorsed the misguided fatwa against Salman Rushdie that began sometime during the late 80's due to his authoring the book The Satanic Verses

Sam Klein.

Samuel John Klein Wed Sep 22 00:57:09 2004

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