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I hate redhat Linux (part n of many)

I'm trying to install R*dh*t 8 on a machine so we can have a t0p s3kr3t build machine for some stupid proprietary device drivers for our Linux distribution. I don't want to do the traditional Unix method of having approximately 70 dinky little partitions, each of which turns out to be too small, so I've been trying to partition the disk as 8gb root, 1gb swap, 27gb /home.

The first time I ran the stupid R*dh*t graphical partitioner, and after setting up the configuration I wanted, it started installing and fell over because it decided not to try and partition the disk. No partitions == no swap == the stupid p*th*n installer falling over because mkswap failed, no saving throw.

The second time I ran the stupid R*dh*t graphical partitioner, it said it was formatting the partitions, and I walked away to let it install, only to come back and see it complaining that my 8gb root partition wasn't big enough to fit 880mb of binaries onto.