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Riddle me this

Given that the vast bulk of Iraq is under control of the resistance and they're getting more organized and more aggressive by the day, why the devil is the US planning on doing a major offensive after the election? And, furthermore, why are the flying monkeys in the B*sh junta spilling the beans to the press about it?

Okay, I'm joking when I phrase it as a question. I know why it's being announced and delayed; it's being announced to buck up the warbloggers, who might otherwise stray off the reservation like Andrew Sullivan did, and it's being delayed so that the photos of thousands of Iraqi deaths won't sway the 20% or so of the electorate which still aren't quite sure who to vote for, but which think that the Coward in Chief is a really nice guy right now.

So what's an additional 200 or so dead american soldiers? Remember, this is an administration that's saving money by ripping soldier's heads off and pissing down their throat, so tossing a few more soldiers on the barbie is not even worth the time to think about.