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Not even trying to hide their agenda

The Gallup organization is oversampling the Evil Party and undersampling Democrats. And they're perfectly happy to admit it.

I wonder what other agendas there are floating around? Even if we strike off Gallop as just another Karl Rove mouthpiece, there are still another half-dozen polling organizations out there who are shovelling out results that, maybe, come within 15% of each other. Which ones are getting a little something from the GOP, and which ones are getting a little something from the Democratic Party? My conspirovision says that none of them are getting anything from the Democratic Party, because it's not organized enough to do graft and not have the news leak out to the SCLM in approximately 50 nanoseconds, but it's possible that the Democratic Party is matching the Evil Party blow for blow.

In any case, all the polls are lying to us and it's sane to just assume that your boy (whether he's a patriot or a lying coward) needs your help to close out the election. But if you're a member of the Evil Party, you're perfectly welcome to believe the Gallop results; they'll just give you something to rant about when the ballot returns don't match the polls.

(link via The Left Coaster)