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Checkmating the useful idiots

A while back, CBS had 60 minutes interview one of the people who helped Maximum Leader Genius get a cushy National Guard billet instead of having to go to Vietnam and fight in the war he was in favor of. During this interview, they dragged out some recently unearthed memos that said that the Coward in Chief had actually disobeyed orders during his tour of "duty". Well, the more hysterical branch of the Mighty Wurlitzer went absolutely apeshit, spinning out story after story (most of which were dutifully relayed to the world by various A-list left commentators) about how those memos Had! To! Be! Faked! for a dozen or so reasons that got shot right down within about 30 minutes of being brought up.

Well, eventually, someone thought of talking to the secretary who would have been responsible for typing up these memos (because, as everyone knows, executives don't type) and she looked at them and said she didn't type those documents. Okay, so CBS promptly booked her on one of the versions of 60 minutes and interviewed her about the memos, where she said, again, that she didn't type those documents, but the content was accurate.