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Does this count as trying to buy off liberal votes?

Dangerous Precedent thinks that it would be a spiffy idea for the EU to offer work visas to leftists who agreed to move to Europe for the duration if the Coward in Chief steals the 2004 election (third or fourth paragraph down.) Now, I'm not likely to be badly hurt if Maximum Leader Genius isn't driven out of power; I'm white, I'm married™ to a woman, and I'm upper middle class, so I could probably survive until the revolution came, but then, a work visa isn't something to sneeze at.

The scare tactics with the polls (my reaction to the, um, interesting poll results is to just give the Kerry campaign more support, and I suspect that's the common reaction, countrary to the shrieking hysteria by A-list liberal commentators who should know better) won't work, but dangling a get out of Hell free card, which is exactly what a work visa for the duration would be, would be a terrible temptation to people who aren't anchored to the United States by 3 generations of family and an irrational dislike of snowy winters.