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Sushi vs. the bears

Tonight, Russell really, really wanted sushi, so, after a couple of failed attempts to find something else to eat, we piled into the Prius and went to Yoko's, on Gladstone. We got there at sometime around 7:40, and, of course, there was this huge long line of people signed in ahead of this. But, it was dead! raw! fish!, so we added ourself to the list and waited.

... and waited.

... and waited.

45 minutes later we got seats at the sushi bar, ordered, waited, ate sushi until we started to burst, paid, and went home, getting home at 9:15pm just in time for bed.

Total amount of Baby Hysteria? About 15 seconds at the very end, when Russell didn't want to wash his hands and protested vociferously until he realized that we weren't going to insist that he wash his hands.

It's amazing how good sushi tastes when the little human time bombs don't go off, but just eat and eat and eat.