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Retired Foresters For Truth and me

Today I got two letters mailed from something or another Liberty Street in Salem, which, when opened, turned out to be two copies of a letter from Mr. K. Arlrove (or something similar) telling me that I'd better vote against Oregon measure 34, because it was something being promoted by radical environmentalists, activist courts, and foreigners and that it would overturn the objective and balanced scientificially designed forestry plan from the logging, er, forestry service.

I've been so occupied about the efforts to overthrow G**rg* W. B*sh, deserter, that I haven't been paying any attention to any state measures except the latest efforts from the hate amendment people, but given this brilliant attack on Measure 34 I'm almost certain to vote for it sight unseen.

(quick web search later...)

Oh, it's a new forest plan for the Tillamook and Clatsop forests. And it doesn't come out and say no logging, for that is the way of communism, so I presume that the loggers will be able to continue logging on state land without many restrictions. But it's obviously not scientifically designed (according to Mr. Arlrove) so it can't be as good as any logging industry endorsed plans.

I guess I'll be voting for Measure 34. Thanks, K. Arlrove, for your input!