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Any excuse for trainspotting

This Labor Day, we went to the Oregon Zoo, mainly because they were running their little steam locomotive. Well, yes, there are animals there, but One Must Have Priorities.

On the way to the Zoo, I managed to get an indifferent picture of some diesel power waiting at the north end of Brooklyn Yard.


When we got to the Zoo, the steam locomotive was just pulling out of the top station, and we watched it go under the long viaduct that people use to walk down into the Zoo.


The next train out was the little blue diesel train, but it filled up before we got to the station, so we had to wait for the Zooliner to arrive before we could ride down to the Washington Park/Rose Garden station.


At the Washington Park station, we waited for the next train, which, by happy coincidence, ended up being pulled by the steam locomotive.


And on the way up to the top station I used up the rest of the memory in our camera taking a video of the steam locomotive working hard upgrade. By happy luck, the camera had enough memory to tape the meet we made with the blue engine going down to the Washington Park/Rose Garden station.