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Not a lowfat diet

I ran out of half and half for my coffee at work and we didn't have a spare container of it at home, so I brought in a carton of heavy cream to adulterate the coffee with.

The most disturbing thing about using heavy cream in coffee is the butter deposits on the sides and bottom of the coffee. Just think, whispers my subconscious, the exact same thing is happening to your arteries!

My father is fond of repeating a little rhyme from grade school circa 1928 or 1929:

Tea is poison
Coffee's worse!
We drink water
Safety first!

When the bears were born, I modified the rhyme a little bit to be

Tea is poison
Coffee's worse!
A short life but a merry one!

I suspect that too much heavy cream would make that distressingly (but not for me, because I'd be a Norwegian Blue) true for my friends and family.