This Space for Rent

Oh, I get it now.

The sudden sharp drop in John Kerry's poll numbers looked really suspicious when they rolled in, and I was suspicious of exactly how the polls were done, but I wasn't really certain which party had been cooking the figures. I thought that if it was the Evil Party, that Karl Rove had gotten cocky (again and misjudged the release of the polls, because even taking into account poll followers following polls would show John Kerry going up in popularity again, during the Necropublican "convention" in NYC, which would have been the kiss of death for the Coward-in-Chief's election campaign.

A bunch of followup polls from Evil Party-affiliated polling organizations, all of which, surprise! showed John Kerry down 10! 20! 30! (okay, maybe I exaggerate a little) points, made me think that perhaps this was the case, but, still, having this happen before the Necropublican "convention" opens a big PR disaster.

Today, I read reports that various flying monkeys were discussing just exactly when the Coward-in-Chief won the election. Okay, that clinches it; Karl thinks the electorate is wishy-washy and by fabricating momentum he can actually roll enough battleground states over to the Evil Party, because 60-odd days from now everyone will remember two weeks of really odd polls, followed by a week of the Necropublicans dragging around the bodies of the poor bastards that died in WTC 1 & 2 almost three years ago.

And if Maximum Leader Genius wins (or, more likely "wins") the election, that will be the last you hear of WTC 1 & 2 for a loooong time, at least until Osama bin Laden is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for fucking over the Democratic Party (WTC 1 & 2? This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not argue about who killed who.)