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But isn’t the Hezbollah candidate just like that?

The Maggot Hammer has found what he thinks may be the ideal candidate for President. But, when I look at his qualifications, I don't see much of anything he's got that the Coward-in-Chief doesn't.

Mel has got acting experience, even if he's not all that good at it, but that's about all I can think of that he's got over Maximum Leader Genius. And the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre is, I'm sure, a fine bit of propaganda, but it doesn't hold a candle to the massed power of the delusional beliefs that back the B*sh junta. I think, frere hammer, that when it comes time to embrace the dark side you should pick the true Hezbollah candidate and shun weak imitations.


Yeah, but he's such a fine hunk of man candy!

w Tue Aug 31 18:59:13 2004

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