This Space for Rent

EPT #187

This NW5 has been sitting out of service ever since we've been doing our visits to the Eng!s (™ Silas) down in Milwaukie. It's sitting on one of the warehouse sidings coupled to an ex-Espee slug, which has also been sitting out of service since we've started visiting.

I believe that this is the (ex-)GN NW5 that's shown on page 60 of Kalmbach's (out of print?) Model Railroader Cyclopedia -- Volume 2 (Diesel Locomotives). It's certainly one of the ex-GN NW5s (the BN paint is a dead giveaway about who owned it before it became an EPT engine), and there's certainly no reason for EPT to renumber it to a different GN number than it used to be when it came out of LaGrange in the 1950s.

The stack is capped, so it hasn't been completely abandoned.