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Best-laid plans gone astray

The reason I've got this weblog is because Julie wanted one, but I was unwilling to pile all the, um, crap that the popular weblog programs carry around with them (p*rl and p*th*n are fine languages, I'm sure, but p*rl is deep in the throes of being converted from a utility language into the programming language equivalent of Emacs, but in a more unreadable language, and p*th*n started out as the programming equivalent of Emacs. Most of the weblog programs out there are written in one or two of those languages. And to make matters worse those languages embed databases -- usually relational databases -- to do the routine book-keeping that you need for a BBS system), so I had to write my own. There wasn't any particularly good way to test it aside from actually eating my own dogfood aside from setting up a weblog for myself and posting to it.

So. I wrote the software, set up the weblog, and started posting. 5 months (and 200+ posts) later, the experimental weblog is full, but the reason why I wrote it is seeing much less traffic.

And it's still not documented.