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Spot the non-Unix IT department (chapter 2)

My BOFH-help request seems to have been shunted onto the desk of either a very canny BOFH or onto the desk of an extremely PFY. I've gotten further mail from the IT department today, telling me that "You need to use the Microsoft Proxy Server™, because It Is Corporate Policy™!" (Cheez Whiz Veterans for Truth ploy #1; repeat the obvious), "You need to reinstall the (Windows-only) Microsoft Firewall Client™!" in response to my request for a proxy server for Unix, and "oh, I don't know anything about tunnels, so you'll have to talk to somebody else".

BOFH? Extremely PFY? Since I left my lart at home, I'm not going to go up there and find out. If it's a BOFH, the Unix machine is already wiped, and if it's a PFY, they don't know what machine(s) I use.