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Cheese Whiz Veterans For Truth (Portland chapter)

Today, we got a nasty little flyer in the mail, that, as best as I can tell from the slime dripping off it, is a Republican-style attack on Tom Potter. Now, I wasn't really in the mood to vote for Jim Francesconi in the first place (the whole city council went past its sell-by date about a year ago, and I'd no sooner vote for any of them than I'd vote for the Coward-in-Chief this november), but I also wasn't in the mood to donate money to the Potter campaign.

Wasn't is the operative word; Would $50 to the Potter campaign be a good starting point, Mr. Francesconi, or would you prefer that I give your opponent more?


Do you still have the flyer? Can you quote to me what it says, specifically, by any chance?

The One True b!X website Mon Aug 23 17:47:03 2004

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