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Circumnavigating North America

A couple of months ago, my little brother decided to move from NYC to Portland, partially to help take care of my parents. A couple of weeks ago, he moved. 3000 miles in 56 hours. Which was insane.

But, it turned out that he hadn't brought everything out, so he decided to go back to bring everything out (because having a shipper do the work was too expensive); This time he took it easy and made it from Portland to NYC in 54 hours, where he loaded up the rest of his stuff and returned to Portland in 50 hours, 12 minutes.

The only time I tried to stay awake that long was when I was a teenager at a local gaming convention. After 40 hours, I became sicker than a dog and slept for a day and a half.

My brother is some sort of changling left by Speed Racer's elven friends. That's the only explanation that makes sense.