This Space for Rent

Camping at home

Occasionally, we go out camping, and up until now our camping supplies have been rented or borrowed. This year, the preschool that Russell attends is having a group campout at Oxbow Park, and rather than doing the traditional approach of renting a tent, borrowing a bunch of random camping things, and ending up being woefully unprepared for anything, we decided to do something radical and actually buy a bunch of stuff from REI.

We picked up the supplies on Friday, and were immediately hit with a massive advertising blitz from the bears, who thought it was vitally important that we set the tent up right now, no questions allowed.

We held off until Saturday. Notice how well the tent mixes with the craftsman-style design of the house and the new tabletop on the train table.

We took the tent down before we went to bed, because otherwise the cats would have felt obliged to pee all over it, just in case.