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Another day, another stupid dog owner

Since today was another too damn hot™ day in Portland, the best, the bears, and I went out to McMenamins Edgefield for the Cracked Pots recycled art show. It was hot and the quality of the art ranged from the sublime to the most horrid sort of cheap trash, and it was particularly hot in the glassblowers shop, where Russell decided that he wanted to spend at least 45 minutes watching a couple of young women melt in the blast from the glass ovens.

On our way back to the car, we started to hear a dog barking desperately in the parking lot. As we were packing up the bears, we looked around to see if we could see where the dogs were (it was, as I may have mentioned, hot -- 97° -- and sunny, or approximately 175° inside the cars.) We weren't sure where the dogs were, so we decided we'd tell one of the McMenamins staff that there was a dog barking. As we started the car, we saw one walking across the parking lot, so we called out to him that we'd heard a dog barking and were worried about it. He replied that that's what he was looking for, and as we finished pulling out of our space Julie said that he'd found the dogs -- in a car -- and seemed to be talking to them. So we circled around to ask if he needed any help and he said, no, that they hadn't been able to find the owners and were going to call 911 instead.

And, by happy coincidence, the Troutdale animal control people were just across the street. We didn't see the conclusion of the whole sordid affair, but I'm hoping it ended with the Troutdale PD using the jaws of life on the car, then billing the criminally stupid owners for wear and tear on their disaster recovery equipment.