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Navigation bars?

The latest round of task avoidance on annotations is adding in the little navigation bar that all the other weblog software has. This is a bit of a fever hack; to have the <next|pref> navigation bar, I need to be able to pick out the title lines of the next and prev post. I could root through all the surrounding directories and pick up the needed information from message.ctl, but that takes a bunch of runtime computation, so what I did instead was to stuff the url tail and the title into a new index.db file up at the bbsdir level, and then have the posting and reindexing software seatch through that for particular urls and the next and previous line in the file.

No documentation yet, but horrible kludgy features!

I need to think about how to set up for extra-fancy navigation. The way I've got it now it just puts a bar up at the top of each post, like

« title · title »
article body

but I also want to be able to put the title bar down below, or, in an extra fancy way, split it to be


(preferrably without having to use a t*bl*, of course; I'm only using a table here because it's simple for me to lay it out.

And, of course, the one thing I did forget is that I need to rebuild the previous article after I post a new one, because otherwise the navigation bar on that article won't point at the newly written one. Perhaps I'll fix that kludge after dinner.