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New Code!

Annotations 1.0 has been released. This is the code that drives this weblog and many others (and by many others, I mean 1 other weblog.) I wrote it because Julie wanted to set up a weblog, and I didn't particularly like the bulk of the published offerings (which seemed to be primarily perl and p*th*n offerings; I have to deal with p*th*n at work and with the few mailman mailing lists I maintain, so there's no way I'm going to deal with it with code I use for fun.)

Annotations is written in ANSI C (or the closest approximation that GCC will allow), and by using configure I've managed to make it portable enough to build on Mastodon Linux and FreeBSD (though I haven't tried to compile it there since June 2004.) It avoids using a database by relying on web server authentication (I use it with thttpd, and I think it could be made to work with some of the more popular free web servers -- I was unable to make it work with Apache, but I didn't try very hard.)

1.0 doesn't have a few of the bells and whistles that you might expect from a piece of software. In particular, it misses the creeping feature known as documentation, so unless your name is David Parsons, you might have trouble getting it to work.

(pretend that there's a blink tag flashing WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! here.)