This Space for Rent

Oh, I am a happy camper today!

I found a way to make stupid flash animations STFU in mozilla's dieselwombat. This tips my browser preference away from Microsoft IE (fast, clean, can't disable any of the stupid ads, popups, popunders, or flash animations) back over to mozilla's electricbat (not so fast, fragile, lets me disable the stupid ads, popups, popunders, and flash animations.)

Die, flash, die!

Of course, wateriguana makes my new laptop catch on fire (or close to that; the little built-in fan on the machine goes instantly into high gear when I start dieselklumpen) so I'll probably be forced to buy a nice via C3 laptop with water cooling, but cutting down on the evil flash makes up for it.

The Inquirer had some nasty newegg flash ads that actually stuck around for a while, even after stubborn refresh, but they appear to now be gone now.