This Space for Rent


To get around Mozilla Firewombat being slower than molasses on jupiter, I tweaked this weblog program to restrict the number of posts it actually puts on the homepage. This had all sorts of fun side-effects relating to the teeny detail that I use mmap() to map files into memory and out again (a regrettable habit I picked up from a brief contract doing AS400 programming -- the AS400 is a machine with devotees that make the worst P*th*n bigot look like an open-minded liberal, so I'm reluctant to admit that they do anything right, but the whole business of having files magically map themselves into your address space is pretty cool.) Unfortunately, if I don't then unmmap the offending files, I can write new versions of it until the cows come home and the changes won't pick up.

Finding this out took a couple of hours of work last night. Unravelling the, um, interesting side effects (like having the weblog completely vanish after posting a new article) is still going on.

Think of this post as one of the annoying TEST ME posts that people see on usenet.


And, of course, it didn't work. Perhaps this round will work better