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A glutton for weblinks

I tend to pile up interesting links to drop onto the bookmarks page, where they will sit, being stirred occasionally, until either

  1. I die (oh, the embarrassment!)
  2. gehenna goes up in flames, or
  3. the heat death of the universe.

Being a HIP AND WITH IT member of the B..Bl...Bl.. (I'm sorry, but there are certain words I will not say, even for the sake of being sarcastic) I don't pay much attention to who actually sees these links, so I was very surprised to discover (via one of those google-clone weblog indexer sites) that the writer of The Maggot Hammer had actually discovered my site. That makes, um, two weblogs that have noticed yours truly, even if one of them was still locked up behind the teeny detail that I don't have a automatic export of my bookmarks to tsfr.

It's probably another reason to drink heavily and grind out a nice xml interface for my weblog software; if I've got a good xml system, I can change mkbookmarks to generate a nice wad of xml that I can pass around, like an overripe banana (or the uncooked hot dog that I forgot to put into the freezer last night), without having to do gross export games on downbelow.

Not, of course, that that will stop me from doing gross export games. I don't really expect that I'll be doing much in the way of site updates after I'm dead, so the machines will totter on until something fails, and then the bears can shake their head over their luddite father and his steam-powered computing hardware, then disconnect the rack from the party line and finish giving the obsolete computers a viking funeral. In any case, the horrible kludges that I've put into place won't be needed at that time.