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Jury duty

I was summoned to jury duty this morning (at the ungodly hour of 7:30am) and spent most of of the morning cooling my heels in the spartanly furnished jury room. Finally, at 10:30am or so, I was dragged off to a courtroom for a rousing session of voir dire for a drug trial.

So, there I go, with my shiny new tracing spammers tee-shirt, off to Whitehall street so the lawyers can determine if I've got the correct moral standing to decide whether someone is a worthy victim of the *WAR* on some drugs. And I tell them the regular answers to the question; that I'm a

  1. computer programmer
  2. living with the best and our recombinant DNA experiments.
  3. not equipped with a drivers license, and I have
  4. two relatives who are involved with the legal system (and I'm not counting the hotshot Washington lawyer sister in law and her hotshot Washington lawyer husband, either.)

And then they asked. Kid, do you think that drugs should be legal?

Why, yes, I do. Why do you ask?

Well, they asked a couple of rudimentary followup questions, but I could tell their hearts weren't in it. The prosecuting attorney (who looked like he was just out of law school) had this sort of sick Oh my G-d! There's a libertarian in the courtroom! look on his face.

In case you're wondering, I am not a libertarian. I'm also not sitting on a jury today.