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Userfriendly? What does that word mean?

To adjust the volume on the oggOmatic, I'm doing the remendously intiutive

mixerctl -w outputs.master=x,x

What could be easier? What could be more intuitive?

I know!

The program juke (a nc*rs*s-based jukebox program with no documentation except the source code) uses <- and -> to navigate into and out of albums, and 'a' to pick a track/album to play. The [return] key doesn't appear to do anything, nor does the [tab]. (using these keys to pick defaults has been common for at least 20 years.)

Yeah, yeah, Open Source(r)(tm)(c) rulez! Who needs helpfiles, manpages, sensible command interfaces, and all that square shit when you can just look at the source code instead?