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An annoying NetBSD discovery

I put NetBSD on the oggOmatic because I didn't want to carry all of the bloat of FreeBSD onto a network appliance, and it seems to be working out pretty well (they fixed the installer up so it looks really pretty; I'm going to have to rearrange the Mastodon installer to make it look a little closer to the NetBSD one) except for one teeny little problem; I was playing a bunch of music this morning and all of a sudden the computer complained twice about getting seeing a duplicate IP address, spat out a vr0: reset never completed!, and that was it for the network connection until I hit the Big Red Switch.

The problems I was having could be because the NetBSD core team are using the goddamn ISC dhclient (with its stupid stupid stupid built-in advertising that converts a simple binding error to a multipage it's broken but we don't want your bug reports whine), but the error messages look like the kernel has gotten well and thoroughly polloxed.

Oh, bugger!

I guess I'll be installing FreeBSD after all.


Preemptively killing dhclient seems to make things work better. It doesn't seem to make things work well -- when some other computer attempts to connect to the network with our IP address (obviously run by someone who is not overly clear on the whole dhcp concept) I still lose my connection, but when I reattach a console, kill dhclient, and then restart it I can get the machine back without a reboot.

David Parsons website Wed Jun 16 13:37:15 2004

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