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Wait until 2012

Despite planning to watch the transit of Venus last night (via webcast, because it wasn't visible in Oregon) I managed to completely space out on it while trying to put The Babies to sleep. So, to avoid forgetting, I've sent myself mail (to be delivered on June 5, 2012) reminding me that it's time to set up to watch the transit. Looking at the star charts, I see that it will be visible from the Western USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so I'll have some leeway for places to be (the western USA if we're able to drive the fascists out of power, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand if we have to flee for a free country) to see this twice-in-a-lifetime event.

I'd prefer to be alive when it does the 2117 transit, but living to 157 (and furthermore still being in possession of my senses) seems a bit optimistic, given that the oldest person ever (modulo some dubious biblical references) only lived to be 124 and she was getting close to blind near the end of her tenure.

It's more likely that Russell or Silas would live until 2117, because they'd only (for appropriately insanely optimistic values of only) be 117 and 115 at the time.