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Waaa! Waaa! Waa!

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I've been refusing MAIL FROM:<> into pell for the last few weeks because all of the mail I've been getting from <> is either spam, viruses, or ``helpful'' virus bounces from antivirus programs that caught a virus that had a forged from address.

This morning, I got a long hysterical screed from some site (I'll call it, because that's what it was) telling me that they would no longer accept mail from pell because I am violating the RFCs by not accepting mail from:<>. After several paragraphs of "ohmygodyoucan'tfloutstandardsbecauseotherwisemicrosoftwillwin!" style writing, the message that was bounced was added to the end; it was, as you might expect, a bounced message from an antivirus program to a forged from address.

I bounced the waaa!waaa!waa! message back. Their mail server accepted it without comment.