This Space for Rent

The CSSification of (almost) everything is done

New look for the webpages (up to and almost including the PV&T webpages, which are a far scarier thing to tweak with because I want them to look like they date from the 1960s.

The new look is all done by cascading style sheets, and all of the formatting tables are gone. The only place where they don't seem to be working out yet is here; there's something in the CSS support of IE that doesn't like to resize images to fix max-width: constraints, and that seems to gum up the rendering of the various title elements. Plus, if the screen gets too narrow, the bookmarks vanish to points south. I might be able to fix that by doing explicit widths of the bookmarks, leaving the content (for lack of a better word) to float off to the right.


And, of course, it's a real pain in the ass to get a two column display (like, uh, this one) to work properly. Wide images (like the retired streetcar) toss a huge bloody axe into the works of the layout, causing it to render in a whole bunch of interesting ways (none of which actually work). So I've had to drop in a pretty kludged up layout that uses g-ddamn pixel alignment to fit. Bleah. Perhaps it's time to drag out a table for alignment.

Looking at the final result inside Netscape 4 is, um, not quite as pleasing as IE 6 and Phoenix .8