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Hustle Muscle, PV&T style

class E2
source profiles drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and the locomotive profile was drawn by me (with a lot of cutting and pasting) @ my dining room table

The first of the Portland-built class E2 locomotives, outshopped in 1968 (just before the US economy went into the dumps for a decade) for the electrification of the LT&L’s north shore Montréal ↔ Québec line. This class of 6 locomotives didn’t stick to that line, but can be found pulling fast freights everywhere the PV&T has mainlines under wire.

5200 Kw (7000 HP), geared for 70mph, a 2× 5 minute power rating and a more sedate 1.5× hour rating, all, in the tradition of the class B units it’s descended from, on 4-wheel talgo-style trucks which can work their way around the curvier sections of the Green Mountain subdivision without messing up the track gauge.