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One anniversary locomotive deserves another

bicentennial B3
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and by myself, via my dining room table

The US bicentennial has a somewhat less restrained paint than the Canadian centennial did (What you don’t see is that the stars on the side of the carbodies are polished silver so they glitter in the sun.) And, following the lead of the Canadian scheme, the railroad name is nowhere to be found on the carbody – it’s not as if there are any other electrified railroads in northern New England, after all!

Class B3 #200 is actually #299 – #200 has never assigned to a locomotive because, for some odd reason, the class A’s started being numbered at 201? The PV&T could have left this locomotive at that road number, but no, in 1977 the road number went back to 299, though the paint job lasted another 4 years after that.