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Second generation Alco rebuild

#377 after the second rebuild
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and by myself, via my dining room table

This RS-2 was originially rebuilt with a GE Universal-style cab, low nose, and 251 in 1965. The cab did not meet with overwhelming approval from the LT&L & MTRR crews, so when it came due for a major overhaul in 1990 the MTRR shops decided to do a wheel-up rebuild, ending up with what you see here.

The 251 stayed, as did most of the electrical gear, but other than that it was quite a different story; Another GE-styled cab (all flat sheets welded together), but this was a wide-nosed cab like the c40-8w (turreted to fit on a rs-2 long hood) sound-isolated and huge for a more comfortable ride even on a train that required a 4-person crew, a new sealed long hood to keep the machine room cleaner, and this garish hi-visibility safety paint scheme. It’s now basically a M418, if such a thing existed, and it’s good for another 30 years of service.