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The last wooden locomotive

The last wooden locomotive on the railroad
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and by myself, via my dining room table

PV&T 319 (ex SLR 100) started out as an express motor, but by the time of the PV&T takeover was only being used as a MOW vehicle. With 500 HP, it could pick up and move a reasonable number of MOW cars down the line with enthusiasm, but wood. And link & pin couplers to match the MOW cars (all old trolley stock, cut down from motors & passenger cars) that the SLR used.

It already had the SLR logo painted out on the carbody sides, so painting over the old #100 with the new #319 was no problem, and that’s how it ran from 1950 ‘til 1958, when the third rail was turned off, 319 was loaded onto a flatcar, and then went up to Kennebunkport to join the Seashore Trolley Museum’s collection.