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Compare and contrast

Changing the guard on the SLR
Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop, and by myself, via my dining room table

A PV&T class 320 (GE E10B, 3kvdc variant) and 315 (Baldwin-Westinghouse “class B”) side by side on the SLR; the 320 is a new unit for the reelectrified railroad, and the 315 is one of the third rail units that had been running since the 1920s. They can’t actually share the line, because the reason that the SLR was reelectrified was that the PV&T thought that a maze of third rail industrial trackage was a horrible horrible disaster just waiting to happen.

None of the 315s made their way into preservation, at least not in 1958, because they found homes in the handful of freight interurbans that had survived the 1950s and weren’t coughing up blood like the CA&E and CNS&M (315 ended up on the Philadelphia & Western, close to where its carbody was built 37 years before.)