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Back on my nonsense

Template(s) drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop

The paintshop site, for some reason doesn’t have most of the locomotives that PV&T rosters (I’ve settled on 1:25 scale profiles, which cover some of the Alco models the PV&T runs, but none of the electrics) so I have to take existing profiles and kitbash the dickens out of them. This is getting to be a somewhat more involved process, like this approximation of the first of the E10B’s that were purchased when the SLR re-electrified from 600 to 3000vdc – this is very vaguely a modification of the 1:25 scale GE 44 ton locomotive (about all that’s left of that model are the couplers, coupler mounts, ladders, and horn.)

(Note the Milwaukee Road-style hoodside plates for the road numbers; there’s not really enough room on the blue-painted parts of the hoods for large numbers, so why not make my Milwaukee Roadish look EVEN MORE so?)