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Post-merger paint scheme (mockup)

Mocking up a PV&Tified D&H paint scheme on the class leader C424m

Template drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop

The D&H’s C424m’s make a good test frame for paint scheme experiments, because they were delivered in a boring as paint solid blue dip (the PV&T experimented with the solid blue dip too, but rejected it because (a) boring as paint and (b) it looked awful when it got dirty.

The D&H is an ancient railroad – much older that the PV&T – and it didn’t seem proper to just submerge the company under the standard PV&T colors. So this variant (on the c424m class leader) – dark blue on top of white, with a yellow band replacing the lightning stripe and the unit number relocated to above the radiators so a standard D&H shield can go under the cab windows. (The yellow band straddles the lower frame of the cab windows instead of the PV&T’s Big Sky Blue starting at the top of the lower frame.)

This scheme is growing on me; it’s definitely a PV&T scheme, but it’s not, so it won’t violently clash with the OG Alcos of the PV&T/LT&L/MTRR, but is still definitely not one of the three railroads that made up the Parsons Vale between Dec 3, 1961 & Jan 4, 1984.