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578 & 576, noses chopped & dcc equipped

The PH&W’s entire roster (+ PV&T C420 #436 & a spare rsc2 sitting on the ground), in the throes of being put together. Cutting down the rs32 short hoods was the easy part; it took me longer to find a dcc decoder that would fit into 578 (on the left; a Life-Like Proto 1000 unit) than it did to lop off the short hoods & cut down the rs32 hoods to fit onto the frames.

Now it’s a bunch of punchlist items (replace the stacks with w/c versions, take off the footboards, add air conditioning units, ditch lights, MU stands, snowploughs, DS all-weather window extensions, underframe bells, rerailing shoes, the correct fuel tanks & air reservoirs, and horns like they had when they were working out of the Milwaukee Road’s La Crosse division) before I paint them in the PH&W’s orange & black and set them to one side while I race death to build a model railroad.