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Sic transit gloria mundi


My maternal grandfather was a service engineer for Allis-Chalmers from approximately WW2 until the early 1970s, and this involved flying to various customer sites to debug A-C machinery.

Various customer sites everywhere except maybe the poles, and this included at least one trip to Peru, where he got a rug that we assumed was made of pieced together furs. I don’t know exactly when he make the peruvian trip, but I remember this rug sitting in the basement den of their West Allis house from as early as I can remember things.

Well, eventually my grandparents all died, and this rug ended up in my mother’s hands, where it hung on the wall for many years until it got (what we thought was) a little moth-eaten and was taken down for repairs, only to be forgotten until today when I cleaned out the closet it was stored in.

When I saw it, it was covered with dust, so I picked up and gave it a vigorous shake only to discover that it was NOT pieced together furs, but hides that had appropriately dyed fur glued to it. Glued to it over 50 years ago, so it wasn’t so much glue anymore as powder, so the shake resulted in an explosion of fur all over the room it was in.

I can’t fix this (well, I could fix this in a perfect world where I wasn’t constantly fighting depression or wasn’t 60+ years old, but this ain’t that world) so I’m afraid we’re going to have to toss it in the bin.

This is as annoying to find out as it was to discover that 578 was scrapped after the enthusiast who bought it from the Brillion & Forest Junction lost interest.



My grandmother had something like that too in her home. It started to lose its “hairs” in the middle and finish without any in a mater of months. Tue Jul 6 05:16:48 2021