This Space for Rent

Oh thank G-d!

Adirondack 25 (one of the 3 RSC-2 survivors, and one that was until just a few days ago at risk of being scrapped before a gofundme raised enough money for a downpayment to the movers) is being moved from Utica to home rails @ Remsen NY.

Now I don’t have to frantically buy lottery tickets and hope for a win so I can buy it & move it to a place where it can be rebuilt (… as an rsc2m) and put back into service. Now someone else can, unless I win the lottery and can donate a million dollars (where someone else will still do the rebuilding, but it will be paid for) to the cause.

2020 has been a terrible terrible year, but this is unqualified good news. 25 might still be in danger of scrap, but now – just as with the US government – the danger has been pushed off long enough to catch our breath.