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Compare and contrast

rsc2m vs rs251r

PH&W 578 (rsc2 rebuild by Alco) and Montreal Terminal 10001 (rs3 rebuild by the MTRR shops); both rebuilt along the same lines (with larger cabs, low short hoods, and 251s instead of 244s) but quite different looking. Alco used a (slightly shortened) rs32 short hood when they rebuilt 578 in 1965, and the Montreal Terminal fabricated their own short hood with rs11-sized notches so the sand hatches could be placed there instead of up on the top of the hood (both notches have hatches, but they feed into a common reservoir) when they did their rebuild during the great 244 purge of 1985.

The rs251r has the hoods & cab glued together and gaps filled with plastic putty; the rsc2m is waiting for me to finish the rs251r & b11 (so any oopses will have worked their way out of my system) before I glue everything together.