This Space for Rent

Idle hands? Well, no, but this gives me something to do during wintertime.

Fun with di2 repair

I bought a cheap Shimano RX dangler from ebay a while back, and it finally worked its way up to the surface of the project heap today. The reason it was cheap is because it had been wrecked in such a way that sheered off the di2 socket, which makes it somewhat less than useful for someone who isn’t a compulsive tinkerer.

Fortunately for me I’m a compulsive tinkerer, and I verified that the servo still works by using a couple of pins as probes (red wire==power, which went to the now-vanished power pin in the middle of the connector, and black == ground, which went to the base of the shield). This is not suited for road use – I’m going to have to source some waterproof sub-mini connectors, then cut off the remaining piece of the cover and fab a new one out of carbon fiber fabric so I can put it on a machine without worrying about the thing going offline after the first seam in the pavement.