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killing a hole saw for jesus

I’m (fabricating parts for/building up for test riding) a handmade mini-longjohn (here I’m bringing it back home) and as part of the process I’m doing all the frame prep that the original framebuilder didn’t bother to do. One of the bits of prep the framebuilder didn’t do was to ream out the handlebar post (they’d put in vent holes that were about ¾" diameter, which isn’t quite big enough to fit a 1" steertube) so I had to dig out a hole saw and go to town.

I cleaned out the handlebar post, but alas, it did horrible horrible things to this Starrett hole saw. It started out as an 18 tooth saw, and it ended up as a 14 tooth saw. Sigh. It may still have enough teeth to properly notch tubes for the ST<->BB<->DT junction, but it most certainly doesn’t have enough teeth for anything more substantial.

If I win the lottery, I think that I’ll be getting some proper high-tooth-count cutters, but until then I’ll just keep using these disposable circular razors.