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A logo for the Plaster Hills & Western


The anarchist/IWW Sabot-cat makes a replacement for the angled Milwaukee Road plate on the cabsides of the ex-Milwaukee rsc2m’s. The PH&W uses it in its original sense of being bad luck for the bosses, obviously, not the sabotage sense (since the workers on the PH&W have already seized the means of production, the latter meaning makes no sense, and the world that the PV&T exists in is far friendlier to labor than this one, so it doesn’t freak the surrounding railroads or New York Gypsum out.)

(New York Gypsum, fyi, is the company that originally built the PH&W in the late 1800s, and which helped subsidize the employee takeover of the PH&W after the previous management had driven it to bankruptcy.)