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Ancient Alco slides, via ebay

RSD-5 #575 & an unidentified f7 with a freight somewhere around Wausau

And by ancient, I mean “taken when I was a teenager”; the Milwaukee Road ran their Alcos up unto the mid-70s (the great purge happened around 1975, but rsc2’s 578 & 594 until ‘77 or '78?) so people slightly older than me were able to load up cameras and drive to the corners of Wisconsin where they still operated.

I never made it to Wausau, or Eau Claire, or Winona, or up the Rock River to see any of them running (my family regularly took the state highways from Coon Valley to Viroqua, but we never saw anything operating on the branch except one time when I saw CM&N’s 1205 working the old La Crosse & Southeastern’s stub line in Viroqua during the year where it was operated as a short line) so except for when they were in La Crosse (I saw – once – 577 coming in from Minnesota with a train from either the Rock River line or Winona) either laying over at the (now demised) roundhouse or switching in the North La Crosse yard. I probably saw the 575 once or twice, but I was a kid and didn’t pay as much attention to the details except for the low noses on the rsc2m’s vs the high(ish) noses on the unmodified rsc2s and rsd5s, so I can’t be certain.

But here it is, out on the line near Wausau, bringing in revenue for a railroad with a criminally incompetent management, while the tsunami of abandonments builds to the point where all the remaining pretty locomotives will be washed away years before their time.