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Frame (re)building

breakaway joint, #1

Part 2 of my putting couplers into an old steel frame. The downtube has a S&S coupling that I salvaged from a Travellers Check donor frame, but since the Travellers Check uses 2×OS tubing the only coupler I could use was the top tube one (which migrated down to the downtube) and that left me with needing to find a coupling for the top tube.

So, a Ritchey-style breakaway joint, which is only moderately weird compared to a S&S coupler. And with the downtube being held together with the S&S coupler, the rest of the front triangle is nice and stiff when both clamps are clamped onto the seatpost.

I still need to finish the joint; I have to lap the faces so they won’t gape open when the thing is coupled together, I have to finish the lugs so they don’t bulge out at the coupling, plus I need to build up the top half of the joint to make up for a place where I cut the lug short. But before I do that I have an appointment with a couple of seatstays, a disk brake mount, and some cable guides & taillight mounts.