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New Code!

Discount is now officially at version 2.2.6, which is going to be (modulo some horrible bug popping up and waving at me) the last of the version 2 series and the last of the version 1 published interface (I am redoing the flags so I can support more than 32 feature flags in version 3.) This release should have been released last fall, but, sadly, I was so busy trying out v3 changes that I completely forgot about it.

2.2.6 does not add many new features, or fix very many bugs, but here they are:

  • deal with cached text before handling fenced code blocks
  • don’t give a code block class if it’s just an empty string
  • mkd2html wasn’t passing pgm to hoptusage()
  • mkd2html wasn’t properly handling two arguments for input & output files. While I was at it, add the -G option to use gfm_in() to read the input file in (and preserve newlines)
  • push the fencedcode block handler up to the toplevel scanner so it will handle blank lines inside the fence
  • add an anchor format callback, plus add the -x option to the markdown program to squash toc anchors to (close to) github compatability
  • add an external code block formatter to the markdown program
  • clean up all references to flags; define them EVERYWHERE as mkd_flag_t
  • support external code formatters
  • change to
    1. use the modern standard uintXX_t types for DWORD, WORD, BYTE if possible, and
    2. if a program is defined via an environment variable (like CC) try to use that variable instead of doing a path search in AC_PROG
  • make a test program to examine pandoc header elements
  • patch the cmakefile so that has an option to only generate a library
  • set the Plan9 CFLAGS to the two extensions (instead of having them be part of the CC macro) and wipe out any CFLAGS (like -T, which tells the Plan9 posix C compiler to be stupid) that already exists
  • the Makefile macros a bit so people can wedge in their own compilers (BUILD) and linkers (LINK) during a build
  • when dumping the parse tree, say which header is being dumped – h1..h6 vs just header

This code has been running on pell w/o incident for the past 5 or so months) so there’s no reason not to spit on your hands, hoist the skull & crossbones, and download it now!