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Bicycle picture of the day

The official warranty voiding location is about 20 feet down from here

At one of the new observation points on the extensively relandscaped Johnson Creek meander just southwest of the intersection of Luther St & the Portland Traction ROW. Apparently a sewer main goes under this area, and flooding a few years ago deepened Johnson Creek so the point where it exposed the main (I have pictures of various bicycles at more-or-less this location – 20 feet down – that shows Johnson Creek falling over what I thought was a ledge but turned out to be a sewer main) and the sewer department chose to rip the existing landscaping out and raise everything as part of their sewer main repair/relocation(?) effort.

So my old scenic point for voiding warranties is now buried under 20 feet of fill, and instead of scrub brush and grass it’s a vast field of dirt with geotextile , saplings, and industrial buildings. Oh well, sic transit gloria mundi; after a few years, and modulo destructive flooding, everything will grow up and start to look better.