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Picking up a frame for repair, plus scrounging some fenders to experiment on.

Picking up a mixte frame for repair, plus some fenders from a free pile

I went up to Tomcat Bikes to pick up a frame I’m going to try and unbend (the mixte tubes are bent near the headtube) and align, and when I got there there was a mess of fenders in the free pile out front. So fenders yay! I want to try and use a heat gun to reshape some plastic fenders to better fit smaller 650b tires, and free is a good price to pay for experimental parts. The mixte, on the other hand, looks like it’s going to be a fairly straightforward application of the 2×4 of delicate adjustment (unless there’s a crack somewhere that’s lurking and waiting to catch me unawares when I test ride it before returning it.)